What is Criminal Defense?

When you become entangled in the criminal justice system, legal representation can go a long way to protect you and your rights. Criminal cases can be broken down into felonies and misdemeanors. Felonies, sometimes referred to as “high crimes,” involve more serious charges and hold much longer sentences in comparison to misdemeanors. Misdemeanors are lesser forms of misconduct and carry less severe punishments, usually fines and or minimal prison time.

 Whether you are looking at a misdemeanor or a felony, a criminal lawyer will investigate the case and help identify ways to introduce doubt into the question of a defendant’s guilt. Based on extensive research of the evidence, our team will build a case and identify the best possible defenses to help prove the client’s innocence or lessen the sentence.

Types of Criminal Defense

The professionals at Sasser Law office can assist you in criminal representation for the following:

  • Assault and Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drugs
  • DUI / DWP / Reckless Driving
  • Felonies / Misdemeanors
  • Juvenile Cases
  • Theft

Our Approach

Misdemeanor Defense

Step One

If you find yourself facing misdemeanor charges, the legal team at Sasser Law Office can help defend your case. We have a history of successful representation for accused persons in Misdemeanor cases brought before the state criminal courts. Common misdemeanors charges include traffic, DUI, assault, petty theft, domestic violence and anything that falls in opposition to Idaho statutes and laws.

Step Two

Our team will work tirelessly to build your case and advise you of different courses of actions to reach a resolution in your criminal case. When possible, we will explore avenues of resolution that do not involve going to court, however we are committed to seeing your case all the way through to trial proceedings when necessary. We will assist you in all matters relating to the charges that have been placed against you, including the plea and the request for evidence pertaining to your case.

Step Three

If applicable, we will set the appropriate meetings with prosecutors to work out plea negotiations, in an effort to settle your case quickly with terms you can live with. If your case cannot be settled with a plea agreement, you are entitled to a trial, whether by jury or by a judge. Should you case enter trial proceeding we will perform all the necessary research and take the best steps to maximize your chance of a not-guilty verdict.

Felony Defense

Step One

If you have committed a more serious offense, you may find yourself facing a felony charge. Our team at Sasser Law Office will do everything necessary to successfully represent you in the event of a felony criminal case. We will walk you through your preliminary hearing and help you understand determinations and where you stand at every step of the process.

Step Two

Just as with misdemeanor offenses, our team will help you in all aspects of your charge and the case against you. We will help you understand your options for settling out of court. We will work tirelessly with prosecutors to develop the best options of plea agreements that work for you and your future. We will use our extensive expertise to advise you of potential outcomes and give you information at every stage of the pre-trial process.

Step Three

Should plea agreements not pertain to your situation or case, we will begin building a solid defense for trial proceedings. We will research all aspects of doubt pertaining to your charge and skillfully represent you in the court room. We will continue to entertain plea deals if applicable, as well as be prepared to help with appeals and post-trial proceedings if necessary.

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